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President's Message

Linda M. Harris, MD, EVS President
Linda M. Harris, MD

Dear Members of the Eastern Vascular Society,

I am delighted to serve as your President for the 2016-2017 year and look forward to an exciting and productive year. I want to congratulate Dr. Mehta on an excellent year and wonderful meeting in Philadelphia and update you on Society activities and upcoming plans. We are trying to move the EVS from being an organization that serves it members by not only providing a wonderful CME opportunity and chance to get together once a year, but into an organization that provides benefits to its members yearlong.

We had an outstanding meeting in Philadelphia, the 30th Annual Meeting, September 15-17, 2016. Over 300 professional attendees registered for the meeting. The program included a job fair for the first time, mock orals and young surgeons programming, which touched on finding the right job, mentorship, and the business of vascular surgery. Other well received sessions included vascular innovation, top 5 pitfalls to avoid, a debate regarding Type B aortic dissections, and a lively roundtable discussing interaction with industry. The diversity panel addressed challenges in the future of vascular surgery, while the issues panel addressed regionalization of medical care and possible implications to our field.

I am pleased to welcome the new members to EVS, elected during the annual meeting, and would invite you to attend our next meeting in Savannah Georgia on October 6-8, 2017 (Fri-Sun) with Monday being Columbus Day. Dr. John Blebea, Chair of the Program Committee, is already busy planning an exciting program. We will also introduce sessions for ancillary staff; PA, NP, OR and Angiography technicians and nurses; and hope you will encourage your local staff to participate. The goal of this session will be to decrease length of stay, decrease hospital readmissions, and to decrease OR/angio time by familiarizing our colleagues with our technology and information to better educate patients. Dr. Braj Lal will be leading this new and exciting initiative.

I look forward to another successful year for the Society and hope you will join me in participating in all its activities.

Please encourage your colleagues and trainees to join us by becoming members of the EVS. Please also encourage your nurse practitioners, physician assistants, OR and angiography technicians and nurses to join, and to come to the meeting. We are looking for a few very interested allied health professionals to join the committee to assist with planning this exciting endeavor. If you are interested in becoming more active in the society, or participating in committees, please let me know. If you have any ideas to further improve our organization, we always welcome them. We are also looking to increase the participation of candidate members in our committees. If you are a candidate member, please consider volunteering.

Watch for details of the meeting, including abstract submissions, on the Society’s website.


Linda M. Harris, MD

Executive Council:
Linda M Harris, M.D.
Rabih A. Chaer, M.D.
Anil P Hingorani, M.D.
James F. McKinsey, M.D.
Robert Y. Rhee, M.D.
Past President
SVS Representative

Michael A Golden, M.D.
Past President
Evan C Lipsitz, M.D.
Past President
Manish Mehta, M.D.
Patrick A Stone, M.D.
Kathleen J Ozsvath, M.D.
Michael J. Costanza, MD
EVS Committee Chairs:
Bylaws Committee
Mahmoud Malas, M.D.
Community Physicians and Outreach
Alan M. Dietzek, M.D.
Development Committee
Peter L. Faries, MD
Diversity and Women in
Vascular Surgery Committee

Caron R. Rockman, M.D.
E- Communications
Darren B Schneider, M.D.
Issues Committee
Mark G. Davies, M.D., Ph.D.
Membership Committee
Christopher J. Kwolek, MD
Nominating Committee
Michael A. Golden, M.D.
Program Committee
John Blebea, M.D.
Young Vascular Surgeons Committee (Co-Chairs)
Christopher J. Abularrage, M.D
& Paul J. Foley, III, M.D.
- What's New -

31st Annual Meeting
October 5-8, 2017
The Westin Savannah Harbor
Savannah, GA

The EVS welcomes its new members who were elected during the 2016 Annual Meeting!

Babak Abai, MD, Philadelphia, PA
Joseph D. Ayers, MD, Cooperstown, NY
David J. Caparrelli, MD, Manchester, NH
Jason Comeau,MD, Lancaster, PA
Peter Connolly, MD, New York, NY
Sean P. Lyden, MD, Cleveland, OH
David R. Mariner, MD, Wilkes-Barre, PA
Thomas Monahan, MD, Baltimore, MD
Khanjan H. Nagarsheth, MD, New Brunswick, NJ
Jeffery T. Prem, MD, Canton, OH
Michael Shih, MD, Brooklyn, NY
Christopher J. Smolock, MD, Cleveland, OH
Michael C. Stoner, MD, Rochester, NY
Jorge L. Trabal Martinez, MD, Ponce, Puerto Rico
Douglas A. Troutman, MD, DO, Philadelphia, PA

Ahmad Abd Alhakim Alsheekh, MD, Brooklyn, NY
Philip M. Batista, MD, Philadelphia, PA
Vladimir Coca Soliz, MD, Waterbury, CT
Samantha R. Cox, MD, Baltimore, MD
John N. Dussel, MD, Waterbury, CT
Justin Eisenberg, DO, Brooklyn, NY
Daniel K. Han, MD, New York, NY
Caitlin W. Hicks, MD, Baltimore, MD
Ravi N. Kapadia, MD, Bronx, NY
Jeontaik J. Kwon, MD, Philadelphia, PA
Shivik K. Patel, BS, Syracuse, NY
John Phair, MD, Bronx, NY
Sean P. Ryan, MD, Philadelphia, PA
Georgios Spentzouris, MD, Stony Brook, NY
David S. Strosberg, MD, Columbus, OH
Eric B. Trestman, MD, New York, NY
Aaron Wagner, MD, New York, NY
Sean Wengerter, MD, New York, NY
Gregory G. Westin, MD, New York, NY
Joseph Zuniga, MD, Boston, MA

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