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Ageliki Vouyouka, MD

Marcus Dayala, MD

Paul B. Haser, MD

Michael Shih

Misaki Kiguchi, MD

Linda M. Harris, MD

The Eastern Vascular Society (EVS) Committee of Diversity and Women in Vascular Surgery will promote diversity and inclusion within the society.

Diversity historically has been a source of creativity and innovation. EVS has adopted diversity to be an essential part of its pursuit to achieve excellence and will enrich the society to accomplish its academic mission.

EVS pledges to provide care to all parts of the community equitably through its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

EVS is committed to recognize and nurture talent and achievement by supporting diversity and equal opportunity in the education, training, research as well as services, administration and imaginative activity.

EVS will continue to pursue recruitment, retention and advancement of its members who are underrepresented.

View the details of past Diversity Panels at the EVS Annual Meetings:
2013 Diversity Panel Lunch: Leadership 101
2012 Panel Discussion: Building A Better Workplace – Who Should Be on the Bus?

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