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Marshall Benjamin, MD

Dear Member of the Eastern Vascular Society,

Marshall Benjamin, MD, EVS President
Marshall Benjamin, MD
2012-2013 President
I am delighted to serve as President of the Society and look forward to the upcoming year. I want to take this opportunity to update you on some Society activities.

We had a very successful 26th Annual Meeting, September 13-15, 2012, at the Omni William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh. Over 220 professional attendees registered for the meeting which had strong support from our industry partners. The program included a postgraduate course on varicose vein management with live demonstrations, mock oral examinations, a young surgeons program, an issues panel, and a breakfast session hosted by the ad hoc Committee on Diversity and Women in Vascular Surgery.

I am pleased to welcome the new members of the EVS who were elected during the 2012 Annual Meeting and encourage you to invite your colleagues to join the EVS and be a part of our dynamic Society.

The 27th Annual Meeting will be held at the Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia from September 19-22, 2013. Dr. Patrick Stone, Chair of the Program Committee, is planning another exciting program. Visit the Society’s website often for current meeting details, including abstract submissions and the program, as they become available.

We are also pleased to announce that the EVS will be meeting jointly with the New England Society for Vascular Surgery from September 11-14, 2014 at the Copley Place Marriott Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts.

I look forward to another successful year for the Society and hope you will join me in participating in all its activities.

Marshall Benjamin, MD

Active Members
Shadi Abu-Halimah, Charleston, WV
Christopher J. Abularrage, MD, Baltimore, MD
Daniel J. Bertges, MD, Burlington, VT
Devon E. Bock, MD, Albany, NY
William J. Byrne, MD, Albany, NY
Elliot L. Chaikof, MD, Boston, MA
Ankur Chandra, MD, Rochester, NY
Judith W. Cook, MD, Hershey, PA
Nishan Dadian, MD, Albany, NY
Elizabeth L. Detschelt, MD, Albany, NY
Jennifer L. Ellis, MD, Rochester, NY
Frederick S. Fisher, MD, Voorhees, NJ
Thomas L. Forbes, MD, London, ON
Joseph P. Hart, MD, Cincinnati, OH
Jeffrey C. Hnath, MD, Albany, NY
Venkat R. Kalapatapu, MD, Philadelphia, PA
Adam J. Keefer, DM, Charleston, SC
Muhammad A. Khan, MD, Syracuse, NY
Robert Knox, MD, Silver Springs, MD
Shang Loh, Stony Brook, NY
Dona Mendes, MD, New York, NY
Bao-Ngoc H. Nguyen, MD, Washington, DC
Atul S. Rao, MD, Brooklyn, NY
Evan J. Ryer, MD, Danville, PA
Eva M. Rzucidlo, MD, Lebanon, NH
Jonathan A. Schor, MD, Staten Island, NY
Palma Shaw, MD, Weymouth, MA
Andreas M. Spirig, MD, Albany, NY
Mohit Srivastava, MD, Charleston, WV
David H. Stone, MD, Lebanon, NH
Victoria J. Teodorescu, MD, New York, NY
Windsor Ting, MD, New York, NY
Gilbert R. Upchurch, Jr., MD, Charlottesville, VA
Omaida C. Velazquez, MD, Miami, FL
Ageliki Vouyouka, MD, New York, NY
Grace J. Wang, MD, Philadelphia, PA
Xiujie Wang, MD, Sayre, PA
Candidate Members
Saadi Alhalbouni, MD, Charleston, WV
Micheal T. Ayad, MD, Philadelphia, PA
Charudatta Bavare, MD, Houston, TX
Xzabia A. Caliste, MD, Rochester, NY
Sara E. Clark, MD, Hershey, PA
Anna Gasparyan, MD, Englewood, NJ
Gurpreet Gill, MD, Charleston, WV
Wadi Gomero-Cure, MD, Washington, DC
Robert I. Hacker, MD, Manhasset, NY
George M. Haidar, MD, Pittsburgh, PA
Neil G. Kumar, MD, Rochester, NY
Rishi Kundi, MD, New York, NY
Wei Li, MD, Pittsburgh, PA
Andrew J. Meltzer, MD, New York, NY
Neil Moudgill, MD, Philadelphia, PA
Marlene O’Brien, MD, Rochester, NY
Dawn M. Olsen, MD, Buffalo, NY
Qinghua Pu, Staten Island, NY
Mariel Rivero, MD, Buffalo, NY
Parth S. Shah, MD, Hartford, CT
Michael Shih, MD, Bronx, NY
Christopher J. Smolock, MD, Houston, TX
Varuna M. Sundaram, MD, Buffalo, NY
Joshua M. Unger, MD, Durham, NC
Justin R. Wallace, MD, Pittsburgh, PA
Anu K. Whisenhunt, MD, Philadelphia, PA
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